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Our Business

Navyug operates as an integrated supply chain manager offering supply chain solutions, from the farm gate/production center in India to our customers’ destination markets. For each of our products, we strive to manage each activity in the supply chain from origination to processing, logistics, marketing and distribution. Our complete integration allows us to control our supply chain, achieve operational efficiencies, add value and manage the various risks along the entire supply chain, enabling us to therefore appropriate the margins which exist in each part of the supply chain.

We procure only genuine products. We source the best of food products that speak of indigenous taste and flavor. We maintain utmost transparency in business. Our business people are highly adept to execute any export order. We know how to minimize the incurring cost and maximize the asset value. Customers can request their order and our business people will be at their disposal for easy shipment and delivery. We assure our customers scheduled delivery of high quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our distinctive position is based on the strength of our origination capability and the customized marketing solutions we provide to our customers, as well as our strength in risk management. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from competition as a result of these three distinctive capabilities while matching the best in the industry in respect of logistics, processing and distribution.

Our expertise embraces the following activities:

  • We ensure best quality merchandise
  • We provide customized marketing solutions
  • Guarantee the most competitive prices assuring prompt delivery.