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Marine Products

More than half of India's border is coast line. So availability of marine products is quite abundant. Before 1960, the markets of Indian marine products were largely confined to neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Singapore etc. when its exports were dominated by dried items. This situation changed with the development of technology/modernization; dried products gave way to canned and frozen items. The product shift also resulted in market shift. More sophisticated and affluent markets viz. Japan, USA, Europe, Australia, etc. became India's important buyers.  Several seafood processing units with modern machinery for freezing and production of value added products were set up at all important centers in the country for export processing.

Navyug saw an opportunity in this resource rich market. In line with its aim to diversify its business, in 2009 Navyug started processing marine products with a view of exporting them to China & South East Asian markets where the demand is huge. Today Navyug exports many frozen marine products, namely:

  1. Frozen Crabs/Lobster
  2. Frozen Fishes (Croacker, Cuttle Fish, Sole Fish, Ribbon Fish, etc)
  3. Frozen Shrimps

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