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Guntur chilli yard to install CC cams soon

posted Mar 29, 2011, 8:18 PM by NAVYUG Info
The mirchi yard has decided to install closed circuit (CC) cameras on the yard premises at a cost of Rs 15 lakh to stop zero business of some chilli traders in the mirchi yard. The traders have to pay 2 per cent market cess and 12 per cent commercial tax to the government.

To avoid tax, some traders are doing zero business. There are allegations that traders are doing five per cent to seven per cent zero business to avoid tax in the market yard, as a result marketing department is losing cess and the commercial taxes department is losing its revenue from the yard.

Some traders are not entering the chilli purchases correctly, and it has come to light during the inspection of yard person in-charge, Dr A. Sarat. If closed circuit cameras are installed at gates, weighbridges and at shops, the yard officials could keep a watch with the help cameras. The yard has already installed computers at gates to record chilli stock arrivals. If vigilance is stepped up in the yard, there is no chance to do zero business. The chilli yard had got Rs 40 crore revenue through market cess till March 29 this year. If the officials will check zero sales, the chilli yard will get more revenue.

The joint collector and person in-charge for mirchi yard, Dr Sarat said, “If we install CC cameras in the yard, we could stop irregularities in the weighment. The staff could also observe whether the staff at gate are properly recording chilli arrivals are not.” He further said, “If any untoward incident takes place in the yard, we could fix responsibility on the person concerned.” Dr Sarat said he has sent a proposal to the government for permission to purchase equipment. As soon as the government gives permission, we will take steps to install the CC cameras, he added.