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Oilmeals export from India surges by 84% in May

posted Jun 7, 2011, 9:06 AM by NAVYUG Info
The export of oilmeals from India during May 2011 has gone up by 84.48% to 320,266 tonnes. In May 2010, India had exported 173,604 tonnes of oilmeals. The export of oilmeals during April-May 2011 has more than doubled and reported 821,763 tonnes compared to 377,950 tonnes during the same period last year, according to a report released by Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEA) on Tuesday. 

During current oil year 2010-11 (November 2010 to May 2011) export of oilmeals increased continuously due to a sharp increase in oilseed production to 30.25 million tonnes in current year (2010-11) compared to 24.88 million tonnes in previous year (2009-10). Increased availability of oilseeds lead to higher crushing and production of oil and meals for domestic and export and thirdly, good crushing parity due to high price of oils and export demand for oilmeals following SEA delegation visit to China in April 2011. 

The export from Kandla is reported at 404,831 tonnes (49%), followed by Mumbai including JNPT handled 171,000 tonnes (21%), Mundra which handled 167,441 (20%). Bedi handled 52,155 tonnes (6%), Vizag handled 17,100 tonnes (2%) and Kolkata handled 7,0202 tonnes (1%). 

Oilmeal import by Japan from India during April-May 2011 has more than tripled and reported at 205,726 tonnes compared to 48,887 tonnes ast year consisting of 200,323 tonnes of soybean meal and 5403 tonnes of rapeseed meal. Vitenam imported 110,072 tonnes compared to 41,853 tonnes last year consisting of 95,076 tonnes of soybean meal, 7,976 tonnes of rapeseed meal and entire quantity of 7,020 tonnes of rice bran extraction. 

China imported 138,483 tonnes of groundnut meal and 1,391 tonnes of soybean meal. South Korea imported 110,776 tonnes compared to 88,012 tonnes in last year. Europe has imported about 43,774 tonnes compared to 579 tonnes in last year.